Woods and Forests

There are almost endless opportunities for walking and cycling in the woods and forests around Gatehouse.

Carstramon Wood

Carstramon Wood is one of the largest semi-natural broadleaved woodlands in Galloway and comprises a mix of ancient coppiced woodland around the Doon of Castramont and long established woodland in the northern half, planted over 200 years ago. Ancient beech pollards are found throughout the wood which provide valuable dead wood habitat for a number of rare insects. In spring the wood comes alive with the sound of summer migrant birds and in May the woodland floor is spectacularly carpeted with bluebells.

Cally Woods

Immediately behind the town are the Cally Woods. The woods are renowned for the fine broadleaved trees. Species include oak, birch, sycamore and beech. Although the trees are relatively young, there is an abundance of animal and plant life which has found its home here. The woods are part of the annual snowdrop festival on account of the splendid displays, and in spring and summer there is a wealth of wildflowers such as primroses and bluebells. Roe deer and red squirrels can be spotted as well as a variety of birds, including buzzards and treecreepers.