The Temple

The Temple

James Ramsay, a landscape gardener, is credited for adding new elements to the designed landscape of Cally House, including the gothic ‘Temple’, built in 1779.

The Cally Temple Project

The Cally Temple, Conservation and Historic Environment Awareness Raising Project

The Cally Temple Project is a new project led by the Gatehouse Development Initiative in partnership with the landowner Forestry Commission Scotland, to conserve the Temple, a two storey stone tower of 1779.  The Temple once looked out across the elegantly laid out parkland of Cally House.  It was built as a feature in the landscape, visible from the house, and to impress visitors.  Today, deep within the woods that have long since grown around it, the Temple has a hidden, mysterious quality.  However the condition of the building has begun to deteriorate.  

Temple Location

The Temple is well hidden within Cally Woods but makes an excellent destination using the network of paths in the woods.  It is approximately half an hour to 40 minutes from the car park by the Murray Centre on the Cally Drive.  Alternatively it is possible to park in the layby on the Sandgreen Road, just off the A75, and follow cycle route 7 across the field and into the woods - about 10 minutes.  A pdf of the Cally Trail leaflet, with a map showing the many paths and other things to see in the Cally Woods can be downloaded below. Click the OS map to be taken to a Bing map with satelite image option, or the Trail Map below that.