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A75 Cycle Route - Give us your Thoughts

Before Covid, the GDI began a project to look at creating a cycleway/footpath running west from Gatehouse to link with the communities and businesses along the A75 which were essentially inaccessible other than by car. There is no footpath alongside the A75, unpleasant as that would be even if there were, and it is not a road to be safely cycled on, certainly not by the faint-hearted. The feeling was that an off road path for both pedestrians and cyclists was the way forward.

Memorial Plaque Unveiled

The plaque recognising the efforts of NHS and other frontline staff during the Covid-19 pandemic was unveiled on 10 July by Gordon Rowan and Nick Morris, Chair of Dumfries & Galloway Primary Care NHS. Other organisations represented at the ceremony included the Gatehouse Surgery, the NHS Pharmacy Team, Fleet Valley, Gatehouse Pharmacy and the Stars Team NHS. While accepting the Thankyou on behalf of the NHS, Nick Morris also acknowledged all the efforts undertaken by the local community to deal with pandemic.