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A MUGA Pitch for Gatehouse

A new campaign is underway to provide a MUGA pitch (Multi-Use Games Area) to be sited in the school grounds. The facility would provide, as the name suggests, a pitch that could be used for a range of different games, provide a safer surface for the children to play sports on, and be free from the water-logging and mud which can be a problem in the school grounds.


Along with commuities across the world, Gatehouse of Fleet finds itself dealing with the exceptional circumstances brought on by the Covid-19 virus. It will cause significant changes in the way we all do things for the foreseeable future.  With most community events no longer taking place we have replaced the community diary with a section specifically for Covid-19 related issues.  This section contains useful links to official sources of information.  It also contains local information and phone numbers.  It will be updated regularly.  If you are self-isolating or cannot leave your house, keep essential phone numbers to hand so that you can contact members of the community.  The local shops, SPAR and The Gatehouse Store - can organise dleiveries to your home.  There are also numbers for The Doctors' Surgery, Chemist, and to other community support which IS available.  Also do keep in touch with your friends and family, and with your neigbours.

Visit our Covid-19 pages.

A Gatehouse Community Help Group has been set up on Facebook.  This is likely to be a lively group filled with up-to-date local information as well as advice and help.  It is available here:

Workshop Units – is there a demand?

The Trustees of the Murray Usher Foundation are inviting residents of Gatehouse of Fleet to let them know if there is interest in the availability of workshop spaces/units for occupation by small business ventures.  The Trustees will be seeking grant funding to cover the cost of replacing the former Fleetside Workshops.  For that purpose, the Trustees will require to demonstrate that there is such a demand at local level.  While no element of commitment from interested parties is being sought at this stage, all those who can help in justifying a need for workshop spaces/units should contact the Administrator of the Foundation by email – Gavin Scott: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..