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New Cooking for Old at the Drop-In

During the autumn of last year, the Drop-In’s kitchen area was refurbished with a new cooker and a much-expanded working area.  The old kitchen was tiny and very limiting in what could be cooked in it.  Now the space feels like a café cum deli!

Around 20-25 young people use the Drop-In facilities during an evening session and take part in various activities - pool, darts, quizzes, camera club, maths club, gym evenings, and DJaying are very popular.  There is great enthusiasm to participate in the kitchen and the young people, assisted by our volunteers, have had great fun baking and cooking.


Pancakes, sausages, bread (including some specially baked for the Lenten lunches), pizzas, cookies, toasties, hot chocolate, and smoothies have been successfully created and eaten.

In March the young people sat down to a special meal, prepared by themselves in the kitchen, of wild garlic bread, lasagne and chocolate cake. In May, by popular request, we had a curry evening with skewered lamb, chicken and potatoes, 3 sauces and various flatbreads.  It was delicious.

We are aiming to hand on old cooking skills to the young people and if anyone has any Scottish or other family recipes to pass on, please hand them into the Drop-In as we are planning to produce a calendar or recipes.

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