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Here you will find information we hope is useful to members of the community and others.

Covid-19 Emergency : Key Community Contacts

Gatehouse is a resilient community but these are worrying times for everyone.  Try to stay calm and be supportive to others in the community.  Make sure you get your neighbour’s telephone number and check regularly how they are doing.   If you can safely help them with shopping, prescriptions etc. please do so, but do not put yourself at risk of exposure to the virus.  Wash your hands regularly keep at least 2 metres distance and avoid touching shared surfaces.  Support our local businesses if you can.  Lets all be positive, stay healthy and pull together during this challenging time. 

Clubs and Societies

Most of the Gatehouse groups and organisations are listed here.  We encourage group representatives to keep information and contact details up to date.  If you would like more information or space on the website, let us know.


The Churches Together page provides information on the different churches minitering to Gatehouse.

Community Council

The members of the current Community Council are listed here together with copies of the minutes of past meetings.

The Gatehouse Development Initiative

This is a community project group - this website is one of its projects.