Visit - Slovakia

25 - 26 June 2014
Čadca (Staškov)
Spolok rodákov Jozefa Kronera


The meeting took place in the large cultural centre.  The meeting was very well attended by local people and representatives of local groups, who had participated in the work of the local partner and were the target of the various outputs.  The main purpose of the meeting was to review the work which had been carried out be the partners and which had been brought together in the outputs of the project. 

The meeting differed from the others in that there was a theatrical presentation by a local group on the life of Mother Theresa and a demonstration of folk dancing by both children and adults, which showed clearly the common European roots of many dances and the specificity of local dances in Slovakia. This presentation took place in the theatre of the cultural centre and was very well attended by local people.
The work of our Slovak partner has been very focused around the life of Jozef Kroner  and the actions which the group is taking to build on his memory and to use this memory to promote sustainable tourism.  Following the meeting at the cultural centre the partners visited the birthplace of Jozef Kroner which a volunteer led group has restored.  The partners also visited the Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa park where they saw the statues which were also one of the best practices described by the Slovak partner.
In the evening the group visited a local farm house where the partners were entertained by a variety of different local folk singers and musicians, including a player of traditional Slovak pipes.


On 26th June the partnership took part in a number of memory journeys in the local area including a visit to an out-door museum, where they saw a variety of traditional local buildings, travelled on a restored forest railway, and viewed a demonstration of the preparation of a local delicacy.  They also visited an astronomical clock and finally made a visit to the large spherical stones which are a feature of the natural heritage of the area.

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