Visit - Corsica

17 - 18 April 2014

Communauté de communes de l’Alta Rocca



The work of the meeting began with a review of the project blog.  It was agreed to submit articles which had appeared in the press of each country about the project.  It was also agreed that the project outputs should now be placed on the blog as they were completed.
In a discussion on the 'Practical Guide to Memory Workshops' members stressed the importance of the transfer of good experiences which had given added value to the local areas and to the partners.

The Slovak partner noted that she was now producing a document containing the proceedings of the partnership.  This document would contain a general introduction, a synthesis of the inventory of non-material and cultural heritage, the good practice sheets, the practical guide to the memory workshops and the minutes of the symposia held by each partner in its area.  The training modules had not yet been finalised.
At the end of the meeting the partners heard from a person who had produced a family game based on the memory of Alta Rocca and also had an overview of the Leader programme in South Corsica.
The dinner offered by the Corsican hosts offered not only the chance to sample Corsican food but also to hear local folk music.



On the 18 April the group made a number of memory visits within the Alta Rocca area including a visit to the heritage path at Serra di Scopamene.  This showed how the reinstatement of paths was important for developing sustainable tourism.  The group went on to see the important natural heritage site of Col de Bavella.
After lunch the group visited the Alta Rocca archaeological museum and the Cucuruzzu archaeological site.  Both these sites provided a fascinating insight into the heritage of the area. Finally the group participated in the Good Friday religious procession at Sainte Lucie de Tallano, which was an emotional experience for all the group.


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