Greece - 2nd Visit

28 - 29 November 2013

Zagori Municipality - Zagori National Park

Pindus Region of Northern Greece


Looking at the inventory of the cultural and non-material heritage prepared by the Italian partner. 
The partners then went on to describe the various memory workshops which had been held in their area.  The descriptions of the workshops demonstrated the different uses to which the meetings had been put, reflecting the needs of the partners.  Thus the Slovak partner had used its workshop to consider how the experience gained from the project to take forward a proposal for a local museum, while the Greek and Italian partners would use the workshops to consider how to develop new networks.


On the evening of the 28th the group held a meeting with the organisation 'Friends of the Mushroom' and were offered a dinner around the theme of local mushrooms.


On 29 November the group crossed the Zagori region, seeing the range of the local natural and architectural heritage and made visits to the village of Doliani, where they saw the production of a local spirit and Vavoussa where they saw different types of traditional water wheel.


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