Visit - Italy

20 -21 June 2013
Catania, Sicily



Inventories of local heritgae had been prepared and the partners agreed five themes to focus on: religion, food, crafts, natural heritage and art for which each partner would produce an example of best practice, which would be written up according to an agreed template.



The memory visits differed from those of previous meetings in that Catania is a large city and the previous meetings had been held in rural locations.  However, in this case the visits evoked the memories relevant to the setting. For instance an extensive tour was made of the Diocesan Museum where the exhibits relate to the liturgical traditions of Catania Cathedral, illustrating the importance of the religious theme chosen as one of the best practice themes at the meeting.  The baths of Achilliane were a reminder of Catania’s Roman History.  The visit through the baroque city of Catania with its many fine churches to the former Benedictine Monastery was also a reminder of Catania’s important religious past.


The Diocesan Museum of Catania:

The former Benedictine Monastery is one of the largest in Europe.



Catania owes its Baroque style to a rebuild after an eruption by the nearby volcano Mount Etna

The Cathedral

The group outside the Diocesan Museum

The Diosecan Museum

The Roman baths below the cathedral.

The city has many fine Baroque churches

The former Benedictine monastery is one of the largest in Europe and now houses part of the University of Catania.

Corridor in the monastery.

Cathedral square at night.

The fish market.

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