Gatehouse of Fleet is the perfect base for a wide range of holiday activities.  Within the space of about 6 miles, the valley of the Fleet moves from the high moorland at the top of the valley through the pastoral landscape of the mid valley, to the beaches and open estuary of the bay. 

The top of the valley is characterised by its wild landscape with great open expanses of moorland.  Hill walking, both easy going and more rigorous, and long distance cycling along forest roads to scattered lochs amongst the hills are good options here. The mid-valley offers a gentler landscape of small fields and farms, walks along the river side and in the woods either side.  At the foot of the valley the expanse of Fleet Bay opens up, and around its edge is a varied coastline of both sandy beaches and rocky shorelines.  Throughout the valley there is rich and abundant flora and fauna.  Both the valley and the surrounding area is full of historical interest from prehistory through the medieval period with castles and abbeys to the historic town of Gatehouse - a product of the industrial revolution.  Many activities are available either organised or self-guided.  As mentioned above the area is a walkers paradise with trails to suit every level and taste.  Small roads and off-road tracks cater for cyclists, and the bay is a safe option for sailing craft and other watersports.

Sandy Beaches

There are about 12 sandy beaches close to Gatehouse of Fleet, perfect for swimming in the summer and for a variety of watersports. You'll also find boats moored in the bays around Gatehouse of Fleet.


Gatehouse of Fleet offers unrivalled opportunities for all sorts of walks. There are trails of varying length through the beautiful Cally Oak Woods and Carstramon Wood. There are walks to the sea and across open country within the Fleet Valley National Scenic Area, as well as longer walks in the surrounding hills.

Forestry and Hill Trails

Gatehouse of Fleet has many local woodland, forestry and hill trails. A short drive from Gatehouse of Fleet and you reach the Galloway Forest Park and the mountains of Merrick (2764 feet) and Cairnsmore of Fleet (2330 feet).

Interesting near-by Towns

There are many attractions within a 30 mile radius of Gatehouse of Fleet, not least the many towns and villages that make up the communities of Galloway.

Sports, Clubs & Associations

There are many sports clubs, associations and organisations in and around Gatehouse of Fleet. You'll find further details here.

Festivals & Galas

Gatehouse of Fleet is host to festivals and events throughout the year including Gala Week at the end of July/beginning of August and Midsummer Music over midsummer weekend.

The Wickerman Festival takes place in July each year near Dundrennan, not far from Gatehouse. The cult film "The Wickerman" used locations in and around Gatehouse. For more information on this visit the Wickerman site.

Visitor Attractions

Old castles, archaeology, fabulous gardens, standing stones, chambered cairns ... Gatehouse of Fleet has many visitor attractions within a 30 mile radius.

Cairnholy © Ken Smyth

Dark Skies

Forestry Commission Scotland has established part of Galloway Forest Park as the first Dark Sky Park in the UK, the result of some 15 months of work pulling together audits, controls and readings from around the forest park. Announced on Monday the 16th November 2009 in the International Year of Astronomy, it is a massive achievement for the UK and the south West of Scotland.
Further details on the Forestry Commission website, click here.


There are over 30 golf courses within 1 hour's drive of Gatehouse of Fleet. Click here for further information.


There are numerous opportunities for fishing on the River Fleet and in the bay.  Further info here.


Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Guest Houses, Cottage holidays, Caravan Parks and Camp Sites to suit all budgets.

Places to Eat

Meals are available at all the hotels.  The Masonic Arms in Ann St has a restaurant and light meals and refreshments are available at the Riverside Café at the Mill on the Fleet, and at Galloway Country Style.

The Masonic Arms
Phone: (01557) 814335

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Gatehouse Parish Church
Rev. Valerie J.Ott
01557 814233

Gatehouse Episcopal Church
Rev. Roger Cutler
01557 330146

Gatehouse Catholic Church
Father Graeme Bell
01557 330687

Gatehouse Pentecostal Church
Rev. Malcolm McPherson
01557 814396

Genealogy & Heritage

The centre of Gatehouse of Fleet has hardly changed over the last two hundred years. The houses your ancestors lived in are probably still there. Trace your family history and visit the homes of your ancestors.



Special Places


Caerlaverock Castle
One of Scotland's greatest medieval castles - about an hour away, south of Dumfries.  Can be combined with a visit to Sweetheart Abbey, the New Abbey Cornmill, (both also Historic Scotland), Caerlaverock Bird Reserve, or The National Museum of Costume at New Abbey. Historic Scotland:read more.


During the early summer the woodlands around Gatehouse are carpeted with bluebells.  Both Castramont and Cally Woods are particularly popular for viewing them. More.  

Cardoness Shore

Cardoness Shore
As the tide goes out the many rocky islets are gradually uncovered around the edge of the shore, excellent for rockpooling. More.  

Carsluith Castle

Carsluith Castle
Another local castle to the west of Gatehouse, a 16th century towerhouse, very well preserved and in the care of Historic Scotland. Historic Scotland:read more.  

Carstamon Wood

Carstramon Wood
Around the Doon of Carstramon at the top of Carstramon Wood are many ancient beech trees.  Climbing heaven! More.


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