Repointing is now complete

The hessian and tarpaulin which has been protecting the Temple for the last couple of months to allow the mortar to harden correctly were taken off the building yesterday and Temple architect Michael Leybourne was able to inspect the finished results with Andy and Ian from Luce Bay, who carried out the work. 

Andy has been the principal mason working on the site and Michel was very impressed with the quality of his work.

The attached images show the restored Temple pointing.  Work has been concentrated round the top of the building where there was greatest damage from vegetation growth  and erosion of the old mortar and where some rebuilding of stone work was required.  The images show how the Temple crenellations have been covered with slate to protect the stone work from future damage and to help with the runoff of water.

There will be a final inspection of the building at the end of the month once a few small points have been seen to, the new stair rail has been put in place and the site cleared.

Michael, left is seen with Andy and Ian

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