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An archaeological excavation in 2012 carried out by Guard Archaeology on behalf of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society at Trusty’s hillfort at Gatehouse suggests that he 6th century fort was a ‘royal’ site.  While the archaeologists will be preparing detailed academic reports, the Gatehouse Development Initiative would like to create a touristy resource which will strengthen the position of Gatehouse as a place of durable tourism.


 The aims of our project

Our project seeks to create results which will help Gatehouse’s sustainable tourism.


The main elements of the project

The local population is being informed of the importance of the discoveries.  This has already been achieved through the holding of a public meeting in Gatehouse, addressed by the archaeologists, Ronan Toolis and Chris Bowles and attended by over 130 people and through articles in the press and on the Gatehouse web site.

  • A brochure has been produced to provide information on the site.
  • A session led by Ronan Toolis provided training for volunteer guides to take friends, family or organised groups to Trusty’s Hill.
  • Information panels have been mounted at the Mill on the Fleet Visitor Centre and a full exhibition will take place next year and for further touring.
  • Information will be produced for use as a phone app or QR
  • A school project run in conjunction with an artist and writer has been run with classes from the local primary school, and a permanent installation will be mounted in the school.


How this project will help sustainable tourism

Through the use of new and traditional means of communication visitors and local people will be informed of an important aspect of the local heritage, which is mostly not visible above ground.  Young people will will be further encouraged to take an interest in their local heritage and people will be trained to become local ambassadors.

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