Monument memories

Strapping round the Rutherford monument is keeping it safe as strong winds, heavy rain and, more recently frost and snow test the structure.  Here are a few recent images of the monument in winter.  We would like to show more images of the monument.  If you have have images or memories, whether old or more recent which you would like to share, please send them to

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Rutherford monument update: November 2017

With the strapping safely in place, restoration work on the Rutherford monument will begin in the spring when the weather is dry enough to take the scaffolding up to the monument and when the risk of high winds and frost has passed. In the meantime the Fleet Valley volunteers have continued to do excellent work clearing the paths to the monument. Research work is also ongoing for a trail leaflet and information boards for the Mill.

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Rutherford monument funding appeal

Will you help save the Rutherford monument?

The Rutherford monument at Gatehouse of Fleet is in urgent need of repair.  The top of the monument has become dislodged and if it is not restored soon it will collapse.  Erected by public subscription in 1842 the Rutherford monument commemorates the life and work of Samuel Rutherford the leading Scottish divine who was Minister at Anwoth between 1627 and 1639 before going on to become Professor of Divinity at St Andrews University and later Principal of St Mary’s College at the University. 

Rutherford’s great work Lex Rex was an attack on absolute monarchy, demanding that rulers should be subject to the law.  His work had a significant influence on the framers of the constitution of the United States of America.

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The Rutherford Monument Project

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