Community of the communes of Alta Roca

The Community, founded in 1997 is based in the Alta Rocca area of southern Corsica and aims to develop tourist and welcoming activity and the reinvigoration of the communes, based on day visits from the coast.   Currently with a poor capacity to attract visitors, Alta Roca attaches importance to raising awareness of the local heritage and collective memory, given the potential of the local heritage.


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European City of Sustainable Tourism

The organisation, based in the Haute Provence region of France, focuses on training and support of local heritage and identity as a tourist factor and use in local economic development, bringing together all the local stakeholders. It also carries out research on the development of sustainable tourism and organises events. It has a wealth of experience to bring to the Memoria project.



Zagori Municipality

The municipality is a grouping of 46 villages in north west Greece. The area is particularly rich in its range of built structures. The tourist sector, conscious of the richness of the built and natural environment is looking for new tourist products compatible with sustainable development. The presence of many older people with ancient skills and intangible cultural heritage provides an opportunity to associate these generations with the development of integrated tourism.

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Fondazione Diocesana per I beni culturali

Based in Catania, the foundation runs the Catania diocesan museum, whose treasures are recognised by UNESCO. The surrounding area is characterised by high unemployment and risk of social exclusion. The Memoria project is seen as being of great interest to the foundation.

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The Gatehouse Development Initiative

The Gatehouse Development Initiative exists for the benefit of the Gatehouse Community and provides a framework for the development of projects within the community.

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Spolok rodakov Josefa Kronera

Spolok rodakova is a citizen’s association founded in 2008 which aims to maintain and develop the cultural heritage of the commune of Staškov, birthplace of the Slovak actor Josef Kroner. The association aims to add value to local culture. Cultural tourism is seen as a real opportunity for this area, which has lagged behind in development.

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