Drystane Dyking Training

Last call for drystane dyking courses provided by the Cally Boundaries Project.

There will be some last chance dyking training days during the week of the 15th November. These days give people the hands on opportunity to demolish and rebuild a section of the historic Cally Walls under expert tuition of qualified trainers. These sessions are for people who haven’t yet attended a training course. Places are limited so please contact me as soon as possible to book your place.

However if you have already attended a training course and are looking for the opportunity to brush up your skills, then you can go along and help the professional dykers during the week of the 15th November rebuilding the final sections. Don’t worry you will still be under the watchful eye of the professionals, but will not be given as much supervision as on the previous courses, you will be working as a dyker! Please book your place with Ian Brown, NSA Ranger, mobile 07824708110 or Ian.Brown2@dumgal.gov.uk