Re-opening of the Community Centre

Community Centre reopens after months of hard work to restore the building and make it energy efficient.

To the accompaniment of the Gatehouse Festival Group, Gatehouse residents were able to see for themselves all the hard work that has transformed the Community Centre into a freshly painted, double glazed, energy efficient space for the use and enjoyment of the people of Gatehouse.  Opening the Centre again David Steel praised the management committee led by Graham Wright for the tremendous effort that has been put in to make good the damage caused by the last winter's severe weather and create a new look Community Centre.  David thanked all the funders for helping to make the transformation possible and said it was now up to the people of Gatehouse to make a success of the refurbished facility.

Photograph from left to right Councillor Tommy Jacques, Councillor Jane Maitland, David Steel, Councillor Patsy Gilroy, Graham Wright.