New Energy Saving measures for the Kiosk

Thanks to the generous support of a number of funders, the Gatehouse Development Initiative has been able to achieve its target of turning a former summer only Tourist Information Centre into an energy efficient all year round social enterprise.


Earlier this year the Initiative leased the Kiosk in Gatehouse from Visit Scotland and have set about transforming a poorly insulated and inefficiently heated building into a sustainable community facility.  Having raised some £10.000 from the Stewartry Area Committee, Community Energy Scotland and the EUPHRESCO project, the GDI embarked on the project.  In October repairs were carried out to the roof and the doors were double glazed.  Just last week the GDI received planning permission to install 6 photo-voltaic panels to generate electricity and two air source heat pumps to heat the building efficiently.  As soon as the planning permission came through they arranged for the new energy efficient equipment to be installed.  Now that his work has been done the Initiative will be completing the transformation of the building by installing loft insulation.  Gatehouse Development Initiative Chairman David Steel said: "Our aim is to show that by generating our own electricity using photo-voltaic panels and by installing a much more efficient heating system we can make this building a real community asset.