Wall project is under way

Work has begun on a project which will see the restoration of the final section of boundary wall on the approach to Gatehouse.  When it is finished this wall will stand out on the approach to Gatehouse behind Enrick farm.


Over the last seven years the Gatehouse Development Initiative has been raising funds to restore the Cally boundary walls and other significant walls within the Designed Landscape of Cally.  Restoration of the Cally walls has helped to enhance the Cally Woods in general and the approach to Gatehouse and the Temple in particular. Clearing the walls has provided many hours of work for the volunteers and all have had the chance of participating in dry stone walling training days.

Thanks to the generous support of the Postcode Community Trust, supported by players of the peoples postcode lottery and with the backing of the Forestry Commission, the Gatehouse Development Initiative and the Dumfries and Galloway Council National Scenic Area project, work is  now getting underway to restore the section of wall between Enrick Farm and the A75.  Thanks also  to in-kind support from the Forestry Commission all the branches overhanging the walls and a number of dead trees have been removed and the Fleet Valley volunteers have begun the task of clearing up the cut timber and creating environmentally friendly habitats. All the fallen timber has been removed from the horse track which runs along the back of the wall and next spring the volunteers will again have the opportunity of taking part in a dyke building training day.