Day of the Region

Day of the Region

The Day of the Region promotion is a celebration of communities, already well established in some European countries - particularly Holland and Germany.  The idea is being piloted this year in Scotland by Gatehouse and four other Galloway communities, with Leader funding.  The actual Day of the Region is in fact a weekend, and here as in Europe it will take place on the first weekend in October.

The main object of the exercise is for communities to 'appreciate better' what they have got going for them, to encourage people to get involved in community activities of one kind or another, and to promote community 'wellbeing'.

Day of the Region in Gatehouse is being led/coordinated by the Community Council and GDI, but it is for the community itself - clubs, societies, individuals to use the opportunity to get involved.  A programme of activities running through the year is already being developed.  The project is open to evolving as the year goes along, leading up to the Day of the Region weekend.


Programme of Events

A full programme of events is planned to run throughout this first pilot year.  Click here to see what's on ...

Day of the Region: Programme

Below is the programme of events so far planned for the Day of the Region in Gatehouse.  Check back soon as more events are added and details become available for each event.

Green Bowlers for beginners
Thursday every week for 6 weeks

21st Bunkeroo Variety Show
Fishing on the Fleet
7th Festival Group Ceilidh
Green Bowlers for beginners
Laggan Outdoor Archery

17th – 19th: Mid-Summer Music Festival Weekend
Burns Club: Poems and Puddings
School Seashore Project

16th W.R.I.: Teaching event
Laggan Outdoor Archery
Fishing on the Fleet
Cricketers Festival
Fleet Valley Painting Competition

13th/14th: Dorothy Sayers Society
Gala Week - Football; Town Walks; Cycling Ride; Forest Walks; Scottish Dancers Family Ceilidh; Carpet Bowling

Scouts Campfire
Walking Weekend
25th Drystane Dyking Competition
Forest School

1st weekend Day of the Region Finale
High Street History display; Family Histories; Fleet Street 10 years on; Launch of Gatehouse Booklet; Social Evening
James Faed Exhibition, Mill on the Fleet