We need your help

Help is needed to identify people and places in the McMurray collection of photographs dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century.


Some 730 glass plates, many of them dating back to the turn of the twentieth century and mostly of Gatehouse people and places have now been copied and many of the images are of a very high quality but who are the people and places in these fine photos?  We have already shown the collection to a small number of local people and they have recognised their Gatehouse forbears and their homes.  We are sure that there must be  people around the world who have some of these photographs taken by William McMurray and will be able to help us to identify more of the people and places.  We would particularly like to know the family names of the many group photos.

In June the Gatehouse Development Initiative will organise a memory day in the Community Centre when there will be an opportunity to see all the images and experts will be on hand to help with dating images and to provide more information from the census and other records to help with the identification process. Before then we would like to identify as many images as possible to make the memory day a real opportunity to understand the Gatehouse of 100 years ago.

Over the next few months images will be displayed here on the Gatehouse web site and on the Gatehouse folk web site and we hope to receive lots of feedback.

The Gatehouse Development Initiative would like to thank the heirs of William McMurray who have made these plates available and have given every encouragement  to us to use these plates for the benefit of the people of Gatehouse.

A selection from the archive