Gatehouse School children start their dark ages project

A bright frosty morning greeted pupils from the Primary 5/6 class as they made their way to Trusty's Hill on Monday 4th November accompanied by their teacher, National Scenic Area officer Anna Johnson, writer Liz Niven and ceramicist Andrew Adair. 

As they climbed the steep approach to the fort they could see a distant figure on the hill top.  The children had been told they would be travelling back in time but could still not believe it when they met Androth Siggursson,  a real ancient Saxon, at  the summit who was able to answer their many questions about life on Trusty's Hill in the dark ages.

After the children returned to school they used the information they had acquired at Trusty's Hill to begin work on short poems about the different roles people would have played at the fort.  On 7th November the children, working with Liz Niven starting composing a saga about life at Trusty’s Hill, and learnt more about being an archaeologist, and the recent dig and finds following the excavation in 2012.

Next week the children will travel to Dumfries where they will work with ceramist Andrew Adair to produce ceramic tiles inspired by their saga about Trusty's Hill  which will then be fired and mounted in the school as a lasting memory of the project.

Gallery: Photos of the visit