Wheels4Gatehouse - a new car club

The Gatehouse Development Initiative is currently looking into setting up a car club for Gatehouse. A car club is a community car rental scheme, available on your doorstep, run on a not-for–profit basis with any proceeds reinvested in the car club itself. You simply sign up as a member, which is free, book your car online and away you go.
If you need occasional access to a car but don't want all the hassle and cost of owning one, please read on…
How will it work?
A car would be parked in a central location, probably the Spar car park, and the keys available via a key safe, probably on the wall of the Kiosk. Anyone who is a member of the car club could hire it, depending on availability. Bookings would be via this online booking system. The car will be permanently allocated to Gatehouse but the scheme will be administered by the Creetown Initiative, as part of their existing successful car club scheme.
What will it cost?
Membership is FREE. Car hire costs just £2.95 per hour, up to a maximum of £24 for a day, plus 12-15 pence per mile, depending on the car size. All of the costs of insurance, tax, breakdown, repairs and even fuel are included in this price, so there are no extras and none of the usual hassle that goes with owning a car. Billing is via a monthly invoice, sent out by email.
Who can join?
Membership is open to anyone over the age of 20 with a full driving license, held for at least a year.
What do I need to do?
We need to fundraise (through the Gatehouse Development Initiative in partnership with Creetown Initiative) to buy the car. To help our case, we need people who might use the car to express interest. If this is you, please FILL IN THIS ONLINE FORM.
There is no obligation to join once the scheme is up and running- this will simply help us find out what your needs are and demonstrate to potential funders that there is local demand.
Any questions?
Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at carclub@gatehouse-of-fleet.co.uk