Trusty's Hill Excavation

Exciting finds shed light on Dark Ages Galloway.

Trusty's Hill at Gatehouse has yielded up a wealth of finds which will greatly add to our knowledge of Dark Ages Galloway.  Under clear blue skies over 60 volunteers worked  for two weeks with professional archaeologists to reexamine trenches, which had been dug in a previous dig in 1960.  The finds exceeded all expectations and were a great incentive to the volunteers.  As well as many finds of bone, charcoal and vitrified stone a range of interesting objects were found which point to Trusty's Hill being an important site.  Crucibles for melting metal for jewellery, a mould for making jewellery and a variety of metal objects all point to the site being associated with high status individuals, as do fragments of pottery.  Near the entrance to the site a well was discovered which contained pieces of wood  as well as hazelnut shells, which will be very useful for dating purposes.

In the week beginning 11th June, the carved stone will be cleaned and scanned.  This may reveal more on the connection between Trusty's Hill and the Picts.  The next stage will be the analysis of the finds to determine the dates of occupation and when the fort was destroyed.  Analysis of soil samples  may provide information on the people who lived here.  The first results of the excavation will be given at he 150th anniversary conference of the Dumfries and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society in Dumfries on 8th September.  It is hoped to hold a special event in Gatehouse next Spring to report fully on the Galloway Picts project.  In the meantime you can follow events on the Gallway Picts project  web site:

Picture  local volunteers about to mark  the end of the project having filled in all the trenches and re laid the turf.