History of Gatehouse goes on sale.

The Gatehouse Adventure is a new publication describing the creation of the planned town of Gatehouse of Fleet.

Set out in the early 1760s by the local landowner James Murray of Broughton to supply craftsmen to maintain his new mansion and grounds at Cally, Gatehouse at first grew slowly.  Development stopped abruptly in 1772 on the collapse of the Ayr Bank and only began again five years later when James Murray started to promote the settlement.  There was a period of rapid growth in the early 1790s, when a number of cotton mills were built in the town but the boom was short lived and Gatehouse soon returned to its earlier role.

Written by local historian David Steel and richly illustrated with images of Gatehouse, The Gatehouse Adventure, which is published by the Gatehouse Development Initiative, looks behind Murray’s vision to investigate the people who actually built the houses, tannery, brewery and cotton mills in the growing town.  This publication will be of interest to all those who want to learn more about how Gatehouse came about.  It is available locally at a price of £4.95 or online by clicking below.