Gatehouse of Fleet Community Council: Special General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that a Special General Meeting of the Community Council is to take place on 8th November 2011 at 7pm in the Gatehouse of Fleet Community Centre to which all those who are on the electoral role for the Community Council area are invited to attend and vote.

The purpose of this Special Meeting is to consider the Notice of Motion set out hereunder delivered to me on the 14th October 2011 pursuant to paragraph 15 of the Gatehouse of Fleet Community Council Constitution.

Please note following the Special General Meeting there will be an Ordinary Meeting of the Gatehouse of Fleet Community Council for November 2011.

Sheila McKean
Gatehouse of Fleet Community Council Secretary

Dated 21st October 2011

‘’I hereby give Notice this 14th day of October 2011 to amend, alter, add or rescind the Gatehouse of Fleet Community Council Constitution made on the 5th day of March 1998 and approved by a majority of the electorate of the Community Council present and voting at a public meeting held on the 21st day of April 1998 and by way of substitution and amendment therefor to adopt in place thereof the proposed amended Constitution attached to the Agenda for the Special General Meeting to be held at the Gatehouse of Fleet Community Centre at 7pm on Tuesday the 8th day of November 2011.

David Cameron

Community Councillor ‘’

A copy of the said proposed amended Constitution is available for inspection at the Gatehouse of Fleet Public library.

In general the proposed amendments are in accordance with the Dumfries and Galloway Consolidated Scheme for Community Councils and relate to the following ;-

4.1c) ii  The limitation on the number of co-opted members with full voting rights, in order to make up the number of Councillors permitted, is  increased to a maximum of seven.

7.1 Ordinary elections to be held in the first Thursday in October every third year. This provision replaces the words ‘’shall be held in the autumn every third year.’’

9.7 Insufficient nominations. Application in terms of paragraph 3.1 changed from six to three months.

9.8 Notice of Poll. Returning Officer required to publish, through a newspaper circulating throughout the Community Area in place of ‘ The Returning Officer shall display.’

10.4 Number of votes available to Voters. Change makes provision for by-election in addition to ordinary elections.

10.5 Hours of Polling and Equality of Votes. The minimum of four hours is deleted and in place provision is made for the Community Council to determine the number of hours between 8am and 8pm.

11.2 This sub-paragraph is deleted or rescinded. That is, there is now no provision to prevent a Provost holding this office for more than six consecutive years. Please note this paragraph having been deleted, results in subsequent re-numbering within paragraph 11, in the proposed amended Constitution

11.7 Payment of Office Bearers. This now becomes 11.6 and includes a new provision whereby any member authorised to attend a meeting shall be entitled to expenses and subsistence at the current Local Authority rate for non-elected members.

11.11 Frequency of meetings. This provision through re-numbering becomes 11.10 and a new provision entitled Agenda, Minutes and Public Notices is introduced, as 11.11. Please see the full wording thereof in the proposed amended Constitution. Following this new para the numbering under 11 is the same in the proposed amended, as under the current constitution.

11.14 Quorum. This is changed to a minimum of 4 as the Community Council can still continue to operate with half its full number. However, the Community Council cannot have half of 7 (i.e. 3,5) so this must be rounded up to 4.

11.16 (iv) is deleted, so that, there is no report from the Unitary Councillor representing Gatehouse of Fleet.

12.3 is now 12.4 in the proposed amended Constitution and the numbers thereafter, in 12 are renumbered accordingly. There is however, a new paragraph 12.3 relating to ‘Cheque Signatories’ whereby signatories ‘must not be connected.’ Please see the wording in paragraph 12.3 in the proposed amended Constitution relating to this new provision.

12.5 Disestablishment/Dissolution-Financial Arrangements. This is now 12.6 in the proposed amended Constitution and there is introduced a time limit ‘of not fewer of three years’ for Dumfries and Galloway Council to hold ‘assets including money’ upon trust. If no Community Council is re-established within this period Dumfries and Galloway may dispose of the assets including money for such Charitable Purposes, in the area of the former Community Council, as they in their sole discretion decide.