Viewpoint Voices

‘Come along on Monday 19 September to join a friendly group of Gatehouse residents who will be working on a new project with the National Scenic Areas (NSAs) of Dumfries and Galloway. 

Called 'Viewpoint Voices' the idea is develop new writing inspired by these places.  Knocktinkle Viewpoint above Gatehouse is the inspiration for this group, who come from many different backgrounds and bring a variety of talents and perspectives. 


They’ll be guided in their writing by poet Jean Atkin, who will help them develop a group of poems which will then be recorded to be featured during Day of the Region weekend, and thereafter for exhibition at the Mill on the Fleet.
You don’t have to consider yourself a writer, this is about finding a way to say what a place is, and is to you.  It might involve memories, local knowledge based on research or just experience – all of this is valid.


If you’d like to find out more then ring Jean Atkin on 07504 649 150, or come along on Monday 19 September at 7pm, Gatehouse Community Centre.