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Rural Heritage Promoter encourages and empowers citizens from rural areas to realise the potential of their local heritage. Many European territories, especially in rural areas, are pursuing projects to promote their local heritage. In many cases however, the local population is not effectively involved in the development of these projects which is important if they are to be sustainable. One way to do this is to encourage local people to become ambassadors for their local heritage. In Gatehouse we have been doing this as part of the Trusty's Hill project where training days have been organised for volunteer guides who have been provided with information and guidance by the archaeologists who carried out the excavation.  The Cally Walls project which saw the restoration of large sections of the historic boundary walls of Cally estate also involved training for locals who learned the skills of the dykers. Environmental projects being run with school children are aimed at helping them to learn about the natural world around them and through this knowledge and experience to care for it. Most recently we have been encouraging community engagement activities through The Temple project, working with writers groups, school children, and volunteers. 
Rural Heritage Promoter is an EU funded project bringing together communities which are already engaged in significant community projects and in involving their local communities.  The project aims to create a framework for exchange between European communities and the dissemination of good local practices.

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Map showing the distribution of the project partners.


Special Places

Cambret Moor

Cambret Moor
A stone circle consisting of a central stone and circle of 28 smaller boulders.  The interior of the circle was strewn with smaller cobble-sized stones. More.

Dundrennan Abbey

Dundrennan Abbey
12th century Cistercian Abbey.  Beautiful fragments of a fine building in a pituresque location. Historic Scotland: Read more.  

Cardoness Shore

Cardoness Shore
As the tide goes out the many rocky islets are gradually uncovered around the edge of the shore, excellent for rockpooling. More.  


Fantastic Beaches
The tide goes out a long way across the Fleet Bay opening up huge expanses of sandy beach. Sandy bays are to be found at Cardoness, Mossyard, Sandgreen and Carrick.  More.  


The Clints of Dromore
The Clints are a striking granite escarpment at the top of the valley, best visited from Scottish Natural Heritage's visitor centre at Dromore.  The Big Water of Fleet Viaduct is close by. More.  

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