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Wheels of Fleet - Job Opportunity

Wheels of Fleet is currently advertising two part-time posts working with the project.

The Wheels of Fleet is a bicycle project based in Gatehouse of Fleet, which aims to increase bicycle use locally. We offer the training and maintenance of bicycles, a local repair service, affordable prices of bikes and courses, local maps of bike rides and other support to local people to get on their bikes. By adopting the permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share, we provide sustainable solutions to increase awareness and improve personal, physical and mental health whilst having a positive impact on the environment. It is a project of the Gatehouse Development Initiative (GDI).  WoF takes in old bikes and where possible uses existing parts to reuse and recycle, creating workable bikes made accessible to all. WoF supports more day to day journeys on foot or by bike. We have received funding from the Paths for All Smarter Choices, Smarter Places fund and the Dumfries & Galloway Council's Participatory Budgeting Tackling Poverty Fund.


Two Positions available for self-employed contractor

Wheels of Fleet Cycle Mechanic and Trainer

We are looking for a hands-on, technically minded individual (trained and/or experienced to a Velotech Gold equivalent level) who loves bikes and understands their importance for day to day journeys. Working as part of the WoF team, you will work closely with the WoF Co-ordinator to run an effective bike mechanics workspace and hub. You will take a lead on finding the most effective ways to recycle and bring the bikes to a safe and rideable condition. You will ensure the scheme operates effectively and safely, providing the best possible service for stakeholders and the public. You will train volunteers and workshop attendees in basic bicycle maintenance and repair.

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Coordinator and Cycle Trainer

We are looking for an individual who loves bikes and understands their importance for day to day journeys, someone who will be an ambassador for cycling in our town. You will be coordinating volunteers, organising a bicycle conference, coordinating the creation of local cycle route leaflets, creating and supporting active travel challenges, leading bike rides and networking with other organisations. Working as part of the WoF team, you will work closely with the WoF cycle mechanic to make the workspace welcoming and safe.

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