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A selection of publications and papers on local history subjects.


Recent Addition
The Birthwhistles of Craven and Galloway.
by Tony Stephens   
Tony Stephens, a local historian from Yorkshire has been researching the Birtwhistle family who started the cotton spinning industry in Gatehouse.  He has written an article on the Birtwhistles for the North Craven Heritage Trust Journal which is available by clicking here.

The English Lady
‘As a boy I remember the English lady being driven round in a carriage by Faustino Magri. That would have been in 1930 or thereabouts.’ My informant was Antonio, one of the oldest residents in Bogliaco, a village to the south of Gargnano on the western shore of Lake Garda. The carriage driver Antonio referred to had, by 1930, entered into English literature by way of an essay devoted to him in D.H. Lawrence’s book, Twilight in Italy, first published in 1916.
A paper by Colm Kerrigan relating to Mrs Alexandra Murray Baillie and her connections with Gargnano in Italy.
The paper is downloadable as a pdf file (80K) by clicking here.

Arthur of Galloway
by J E Russell.
This paper sets out to draw together such evidence as can be found, and to analyse in a logical rather than a romantic manner, to produce the historical Arthur’s origin, battles and death.  This paper locates fifty seven Arthurian sites in Scotland and suggests sites for twenty three battles fought by the historical Arthur in Scotland.
Click here for introduction and downloadable files.

A History of Gatehouse of Fleet and its District
by J E Russell.
The history of Gatehouse of Fleet is often dismissed as one of industrial failure. The fifty years around the end of the eighteenth century may well have been the most exciting and volatile in the burgh's life. but from prehistory to modern times the surrounding area has been full of incident. This epic work both provides a microscopic look at Girthon and Anwoth parishes and places the information into the wider context of Scottish and British history.

Syllodioch and the Craig Family
by J E Russell.
This paper can be downloaded as a pdf document in 3 parts.
Part 1 (1.7Mb)
Part 2 (32K)
Part 3

Robert Burns
Robert Burns paid two visits to Gatehouse. On the first in 1793, he stopped at the Murray Arms, where he penned the first draft of ‘Scots Wha Hae’, otherwise known as Bruce’s Address to his Army at Bannockburn. On his second in 1794, he stopped at Ardwall with McCulloch, a fellow Mason in Dumfries, on his way to visit Heron at Kiroughtree. On this trip he penned two scurrilous poems about Cardoness, and the Heron Ballads, including John Bushby’s Lamentation – John Bushby was the Sheriff’s clerk in Dumfries and James Murray of Cally’s business partner.

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Artistic Heritage

The Faeds: A Remarkable Artistic Family - article by Dr David Steel. Click here.

A.R Sturrock: Scottish painter 1885-1953

Dorothy L Sayers and Galloway